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Premium Coffee in Three Soothing Blends


Sesso Espresso

Full smooth body with a delightful flavorful smoky note. A blend of Central and South American coffee beans. Medium roasted to assure the finest Espresso which will compliment any Cappuccino or Latte.

Sesso Colombian Estate

High Quality flavorful taste profile which is predominantly found in Colombia’s finest coffees. Well balanced Arabica coffees with a smooth full bodied sweet rich finish cup of coffee.

Sesso New York Blend

High end blend of special selection of coffees from Kenya area of East Africa. Blended and Roasted to provide a great dark smooth chocolate profile. An unforgettable cup of coffee.

What is Sesso Espresso Gourmet Coffee?

Sesso Espresso Gourmet coffee is without a doubt, the highest quality premium blends of coffee beans which gives a rich divine bodied cup of coffee to ensure a satisfying flavor and a delightful aroma for your pleasure.

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Sesso Espresso: Our Story

Our Story

Posted by Sesso Espresso on Saturday, January 28, 2017

Our Story

Peter Sesso’s Grandfather came to America from Laviano, Italy in the early 1900’s. He was especially passionate about his coffee. Watching his grandfather grind the coffee beans using the drip coffee maker showed him how to make a perfect cup of coffee. This lesson has inspired Sesso to keep the family tradition into Sesso Espresso Gourmet Coffee. Just as Papa Giovanni would smile and say “Delizioso” so will you.

Our Mission

At Sesso Espresso, we believe, a cup of coffee can make a difference. Our goal is with every purchase of a case of coffee in 12oz bags or a case of single serve K-cups (72 cups), Sesso Espresso will make a donation to one of the inpatient rehabilitation centers listed on our site.

Together we can change lives with one cup of coffee at a time.


We love coffee. Coffee is our passion. Our goal is to develop a unique, vigorous, and delicious cup of gourmet coffee. We will continue to select the finest growers of coffee beans from regions all around the world to produce the absolute best smells and flavors. Our special roasting technique will provide a full bodied, soothing cup of gourmet coffee.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Recently, Lee Rouson, two-time Super Bowl Champion, stopped by ShopRite in Stirling, New Jersey to meet fans and showcase Sesso Espresso. Our very own Lydia Sesso was also there to meet guests and pass out samples of Sesso Espresso.