My grandfather Giovanni came to America from Laviano, Italy in the early 1900’s.  He was especially passionate about his coffee.  I would watch my grandfather grind the coffee beans, and then use the drip coffee maker to brew the perfect cup.  He would then sit down at the kitchen table to savor every last drop.  He would look at me with a smile, and say, “Delizioso.”

My grandfather passed his love for coffee onto me. My family and I truly enjoy a great cup of coffee, any time of the day.  One day, I decided I wanted to develop the most delicious, satisfying coffee around, which was the birth of SessoEspresso.  I began searching for the finest coffee growers around the world, and I finally found them.  Our coffee is hand-crafted and uniquely delicious. My grandfather would have been so delighted to know I am delivering from our table to yours, the most delectable cup of coffee.  We wouldn’t have it any other way! As Grandpa would say…Delizioso!

Peter Sesso